Nastar Durian (Now Available)

Nastar Durian 1

The secret of classic recipe using premium ingredients, butter and durian grade A

*Can be shipped to all cities in Indonesia

Rp 100.000 90.000/toples 450gr


Durian  Classic Soes

Classic Soes

Durian cream puff filled with 100% puree durian custard. It’s a YESSS!

Rp 45.000/box (6 pcs)

Durian Chewy Soes

Chewy Soes

An innovation of the typical soes. Crusty outside but chewy inside. It’s a YESSS!

Rp 55.000/box (6 pcs)

Durian Brownies

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 4.00.00 PM

Premium taste dark couveture chocolate brownie with durian cream cheese filling. Yum!

Rp 75.000 (10×22.5cm, 520gr)

Durian Butter Cake

Buttercake 1

The secret classic recipe of buttercake combine with best durian. Yum!

Rp 60.000/box 

Pancake Durian Gift

pancake gift

A very thin crepe filled with 100% durian flesh and non-dairy whipped cream. Perfect as gift for all durian lovers!

Rp 75.000/box (8 pcs)